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Decadent Summer Desserts

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Who’s ready to beat the heat? Don’t get us wrong, we are loving this August weather! However, a cool refreshing treat can be just what you need right now. Using your state-of-the-art kitchen here at Cambridge Park Apartments, check out these delicious treats to make all summer long-  maybe even all year long! 


Lemon Bars are always a great dessert for August, as lemons are in season all summer long. With bright bursts of lemon, buttery sweetness, and crispy crust, these easy lemon bars will be irresistible.


Ice Cream Sandwiches can be customized and will be a delicious dessert. Make your own cookies or get them from the store. Take two cookies, put a scoop of ice cream in the middle, and maybe even roll it in sprinkles!


Dirt Dessert may not sound appetizing, but you will soon fall in love with it. With ingredients like Oreos, cheesecake filling, and gummy worms- there’s no way to go wrong.


Peanut Butter Icebox Cake is a no-bake dessert, meaning it is ideal for rising temperatures with no need to heat your oven. With a prep time of fewer than 15 minutes, you might be making icebox cakes for the reason of the season. 


Remember, if you don’t feel like making anything from scratch, an ice cream sundae bar will be just the thing you need!

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