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Channel Your Inner Artist at Indigo Fire

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What was your New Year’s resolution? Maybe you vowed that 2022 would be the year you’d try something new to foster your sense of creativity. That makes now the perfect time to unleash your inner artist at Indigo Fire. The local art studio offers classes and workshops geared toward novices and seasoned artists alike.

For total newbies, the weekend workshops are probably the best place to start. They’re two hours long and focus on the basics of using the pottery wheel. You’ll have the chance to get your hands dirty and actually create a pot or two, which should be ready for pickup about a month later after they’ve been professionally fired. Interested in diving a little bit deeper into the art of pottery? Register for a semester-long class instead. They run 8 to 12 weeks with once-weekly two-hour classes. Again, these beginner sessions cover the basic techniques needed to throw pottery. However, with the extra time, you’ll be able to practice your craft and perfect it—maybe even learn a few more advanced moves on the potter’s wheel. Indigo Fire usually offers morning and evening sessions, but note that the evening classes fill up quickly, so you should reserve your spot ASAP.

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