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Bike Boom Is An Essential Local Resource For Area Cyclists - Cambridge Park Apartments Blog

Bike Boom Is An Essential Local Resource For Area Cyclists

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Sporting goods stores are great for lots of things, but for your bike? Not when you have Bike Boom so close by! Bike Boom not only stocks an impressive array of new bikes, but their expert team has the knowledge base to help you find the right ride, or service and repair your existing wheels. 

The pandemic has caused a spike in bike sales, and Bike Boom is working hard to keep up with demand. You’ll find single speed, hybrids, and even hard-to-find kids bikes at the shop, plus all the essential accessories. But if you’re already outfitted with a bike, Bike Boom is still an important resource to keep you road ready. Be sure to get a tune-up if you haven’t already this year, or turn to the team for any tricky repair. Bike Boom even offers pick-up or delivery (just a $10 fee each way) if you’re too busy to visit the shop before your next ride. 

Find Bike Boom in Davis Square, about 10 minutes away from Cambridge Park. They have operating hours seven days a week.

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