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Order Takeout Tonight From Mikkusu Sando - Cambridge Park Apartments Blog

Order Takeout Tonight From Mikkusu Sando

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If you enjoy tasty, Japanese cuisine, you will absolutely love Mikkusu. A new takeout place for the locals of Cambridge, Mikkusu Sando is a great stop for yummy sandwiches, house-crafted drinks, and snacks and bottled drinks.

Your cravings will be satisfied with an experience like no other, with their sandwiches all created from scratch, crust off, served with sides of assorted pickled veggies and potato salad. Some of their popular menu items are their pork katsu sandwich, zucchini katsu, yuzu ichigo, and tamago. Any of the drinks can be made into cocktails for the go. Make sure to order online before picking up your meal.

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